This is how a perfectly created wedding book should look like… (see the pages above)


It’s true… You received your photographs in digital form. You can view them on the phone, share them on social networks and keep them always in your pocket. And yet … Browsing through a quality wedding book (such as DreambooksPro books), carefully designed and crafted, is an entirely different kind of experience. Just imagine yourself sitting at your table with your friends and, sipping a cup of coffee, carefully leafing through the book. You are bringing back memories. You remember the feeling. Excitement. Emotions. You recall the feelings you will be able to experience even 30 years later, when you browse through it with your children, or perhaps the grandchildren. That is why you should pay attention to how the book of your memories, your wedding book, will be designed. Like the photographs themselves, the wedding book must also be designed in such a way that it is not attractive just for one day, but also after 30 years. Personally, when creating a wedding book, I follow some of the design rules I have discovered over the years of my work:

  • Photographs are always placed on a white background.
  • On a two-page spread of the book, there is only one topic, only one story.
  • On a two-page spread of the book, there are either only black and white or only color photographs. This ensures aesthetic harmony of the page.
  • The photographs do not overlap and are not oblique.
  • I do not use styling elements in design, such as hearts, flowers, oval cuts, blur…
  • I like to leave some empty space around the photos. That is why the page does not look crowded and the photos stand out in the best way.

The creation of a wedding book should in no case follow the current fashion trends. The wedding album must be designed in such a way as to be permanently attractive. Regardless of the trends and guidelines that are present today or those that will appear after many years.   And who knows where the digital photos, that you have stored in your mobile now, will be in the future. A quality wedding book will always be at your fingertips, safely stored on the book shelf.

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