Wedding photographers in Dubrovnik

The best wedding photographers keep saying, again and again, that we, the wedding photographers, must socialize with each other, exchange experience, learn from each other, and together look for new ideas. I had the great opportunity to live and create with David and Flavio for four days.

It was mid-October, when I set off for one of the loveliest and most famous cities in Croatia – Dubrovnik.

A few years ago, David Backstead (USA) was nominated as one of the TOP 10 wedding photographers in the world and Flavio Bandiera (IT) is one of the most popular wedding photographers in Italy. I met both of them in 2014 in Rome (a short video and insight into the colorful events in Rome is available here) and now I was really looking forward to spending a few days with them. The reunion was really friendly and during the following days the atmosphere was very relaxed, almost family-like.

On the first day, the weather was really bad. Most of the day, it was raining with the raindrops blown by the wind around the corners of the houses. It was cold. We stayed in a nice warm villa experimenting with artificial light sources. The technique I already knew and liked to use on weddings. David, however, brought it to an extremely high level.

In the following days, the weather was still changing, but much more pleasant and suitable for walking along the narrow streets of Dubrovnik and the island of Lokrum, lying half a mile off the coast of Dubrovnk.

Passing tourists were turning their heads towards a beautiful bride in a wedding dress. Some of them applauded, others took the opportunity to quickly take a photo to remember. We took every opportunity to take photos regardless of whether it was a narrow, dark passage, the streets of Dubrovnik or the rocky seacoast of the island of Lokrum. The good light was our main guiding force.

These few days have passed in a wink of an eye. Would I repeat the experience? Undoubtedly. Would I recommend it to other photographers? Absolutely. In fact, I already have my eyes open and I am looking forward to the day when Bambi Cantrell comes back to this part of the world.

Most of all, I sincerely look forward to returning to Dubrovnik at the invitation of a loving couple.

So if you are looking for  wedding photographers in Dubrovnik who would take photos of your wedding day, or for a romantic engagement photo-shooting… I will be very happy if you leave me a note.



Dubrovnik with the old fortress walls are a great wedding location.The port of Dubrovnik with many small boats in the wather.Sunlit bride in a long white wedding dress is leaning on a wall in Dubrovnik.A bride in a white sleeveless wedding dress is leaning on a wall in Dubrovnik.The creative use of direct sunlight in wedding photography – part of the wall is sunlit and a part is in shadow.A marriage in Dubrovnik offers incredible wedding photography possibilities: a bride in direct sunlight standing in front of a shadow silhouette of the old city buildings.Creative wedding photo of a bride that is partly sunlit and partly in shadow.A bride is sitting on big church stairs in Dubrovnik, lit with the evening sunlight.A groom in black suit is standing in front of a plain black background.A bride is holding a flying wedding wail in the streets of Dubrovnik.A wedding portrait of bride and groom on a square in Dubrovnik.A bride in a short white wedding dress is standing in a dark passage in Dubrovnik and looking towards the light.A bride in a short white wedding dress is standing under an arch in Dubrovnik and holding a vail.A close-up portrait of the wedding couple.An artistic black & white close-up portrait of the brides face. A lace is casting a shadow on her cheek.The old Dubrovnik city center with a view on the church dome.The church in Dubrovnik with its great dome is a great place to get married.The main street of the Dubrovnik city center, photographed in the evening. Wedding couple is photographed in front of old building arcades in the old part of the city Dubrovnik.Bride in a short wedding dress is sitting on stone stairs in Dubrovnik, Croatia.An evening bridal portrait in the old part of Dubrovnik, backlit with a strobe light. Dubrovnik city walls are standing on a rocky shore of the Adriatic Sea. A bride in her white wedding dress is sitting on a rocky shore of the island Lokrum. Portrait of a bride on the rocky shore of the island Lokrum. She is wearing a vintage wedding dress and holding a white vail in her hands. The wedding couple is standing on a pier in Dubrovnik. The long wedding vail is blown by the wind.Wedding photo of a bride taken on the island Lokrum near Dubrovnik. Flavio Bandijera and David Backstead with his daughter are making fire.David Beckstead with his daughter is making fire.Wedding photographers in Dubrovnik. From left: David Beckstead, Flavio Bandiera and Gregor Gomboc.

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