I went to bed early as I wanted to be fresh the next morning and fit for the days to come. I had quite some travel in front of me. And I was, frankly, really excited about it.
It all started with a message from the groom telling me he is planning to get married and asking if I would photograph his wedding. He was looking for a Zurich wedding photographer. We exchanged some emails and had a chat on Skype… Almost a year later there I was, heading to the Airport to catch the plane.

Table of flights at the airport

The wedding day started quite early for everyone.  Already at down I stood in front of the bride’s home. I saw that the light was on, anticipating hustle and bustle inside. I really enjoyed spending the morning with the bride and her family. The atmosphere was very relaxed and we had a great time getting the bride ready for the wedding day.

Around noon the groom arrived all dressed up. I was expecting him to hide his feelings but I couldn’t be more wrong. I was blessed to whiteness the groom’s emotional reaction when he first saw the bride. Though I have to admit she looked stunning.


The wedding ceremony took place in the Zurich town hall, which was built in 1900. It’s a gorgeous place to get married in.


After the ceremony we had some time for the family and wedding couple portraits in the Zurich city center and along the shores of the river Limmat. Not minding construction sights all over the place, we managed to shoot unforgettable images.


The wedding couple arranged a small celebration with some finger food and exquisite wine for the family and close friends in the Grand Casino Baden.


Early evening we finally arrived at the reception. It was held in a huge wedding ballroom of Palmas events in Oberenfelden. Around 500 guests were invited to celebrate with the lucky couple. It was a wedding party I won’t ever forget.


The night was long and I went to bed late. Early next morning I wasn’t fresh and I wasn’t fit. Nevertheless, I was really thankful for being invited to such a wonderful wedding and for all the unforgettable memories. With no time to waste, again, I had a plane to catch.


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